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Accubanker AB4000 UV MG Money Counter

Product ID : AB4000UVMG
Manufacturer: AccuBANKER
Weight: Free Shipping



3 Year Warranty Included!

User friendly, affordable, and most importantly effective when counting high volumes of cash, the Accubanker AB4000 Money Counter is an ideal asset to any small to medium business. If a smooth, error-free count is what you are looking for with counterfeit detection abilities, then let the Accubanker AB4000 Money Counter be the choice for all your cash handling needs.

The Accubanker AB4000 MGUV Money Counter features varying counting speeds (600, 900, 1200 bills per minute) adhering to your business needs. This low-cost front-loading banknote professional counter performs with smooth precision for an accurate count with each use. The machine is designed with a micro computerized mechanism for error-free usage each time and also features the patented Accubanker emergency stop feature for user convenience and safety. It is also equipped with two counterfeit detection systems for maximum protection: ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic ink testing (MG). AB4000 MGUV features a soft thermoplastic interface with tactile feedback and is available in both 110 volt and 220-volt versions.

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