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Accubanker AB1050 UV Money Counter

Product ID : AB1050UV
Manufacturer: AccuBANKER
Weight: Free Shipping



3 Year Warranty Included!

When dealing with any volume of cash, organization and accuracy are a must to ensure the money is accounted for. With the Accubanker AB1050 UV Money Counter, cash is counted, organized and managed quickly and efficiently. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses such as banks, supermarkets, movie theaters, and retail locations, the AB1050 UV not only saves time and labor costs, but also reduces any losses due to human error. With this machine, you can guarantee an accurate count with each use.

The Accubanker AB1050 UV is designed with a roller-friction feeding system that allows for fast and accurate cash counting. Counting up to 1,200 bills per minute, time will be cut down drastically, saving time to focus on other aspects of your business. The money counter also features keypad controls that allow the user to have counted bills added and automatically separated into batches. Additionally, the AB1050 UV incorporates an ultraviolet (UV) proofing system for detecting counterfeit currency. The integrated counterfeit detection system allows for peace of mind, ensuring the utmost accuracy that only legitimate bills are accounted for. Ease of use makes this simple for everyone to work, guaranteeing a fast, efficient way to manage your money.

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