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Ribao DCJ-280 Dual Pocket Mixed Bill Money Counter

Product ID : DCJ280
Manufacturer: Ribao
Weight: Free Shipping



1 Year Warranty Included!

If your business is in need of a sophisticated money counter that can distinguish the value of the bills it is counting, you need a mixed money counter like the Ribao DCJ-280. This mixed money counter will take your various US dollars and provide you with a total number and value of the counted bills. It is equipped with a USB port, allowing it to be updated to accommodate future variations of bills. The DCJ-280 can be set up one of three different ways. It can be used for mixed counting, mixed sorting and piece sorting. This type of mixed money counter is what you find in a bank, credit union, casino or other businesses that handle a high volume of cash. It is highly ideal for businesses in need of a two-pocket discriminator.

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