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Amrotec X-1 Dual Pocket Mixed Bill Money Counter

Product ID : X-1
Manufacturer: Amrotec
Weight: Free Shipping



Main Features

Count - Counts bills at 700 / 850 / 1000 bills per minute (about 750 bills per minute while sorting)
Mixed - Identifies and counts mixed denomination bills about 750 notes bpm.
Single - Counts and separate one denomination of bill from other mixed denomination. 
Face - Face mode will process all faced (front side) bills into the main pocket and unfaced (back side) to the reject pocket.

Print mode will print a report of value and bill count of all denomination of bills with RS232 Serial Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer.


-Stackers - 2 (1 main and 1 reject)
-Bill Hopper Capacity - 500 new / 400 old
-Stacker - 200 new / 150 old
-Reject - 15 notes / max
-Counterfeit Detection - Ultraviolet / Magnetic /  Infrared Detection
-Dimensions - 10.7 (W) x 10.7 (D) x 11.1 (H)
-Weight - 18 lbs
-Power - 90V ~ 240V/50-60Hz

The Amrotec X-1 Mixed Money Counter is the worlds most compact and low-priced advanced bill counter with a dedicated reject pocket. The X-1 is equipped with the most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for single or even dual tellers and cashiers in medium to high cash handling environments.

With the Amrotec X-1's ergonomic design, color LCD display and user-friendly interface, the machine not only provides users with trouble-free operation, but also an efficient working environment.

With the included reject pocket, it allows for a uninterrupted counting experience for saved time and labor. The software is loaded with the new generation $100 bill acceptance. The X-1 counts bills at varying speeds ranging from 700, 850 and 1000 bills per minute (750 with mixed denomination). The machine also includes a package of counterfeit protection in the form of ultraviolet (UV), magnetic ink testing (MG) and infrared (IR) detections to provide maximum protection.

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