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Accubanker D450 Counterfeit Detector

Product ID : D450
Manufacturer: AccuBANKER
Weight: Free Shipping



3 Year Warranty Included!

The Accubanker D450 Counterfeit Detectors self feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspect notes. This automatic counterfeit detector checks for ultraviolet markings, magnetic ink, and infrared in less than 1 second per bill. An audible and visual warning notifies you if the bill passed or failed the test. The D450 provides immediate banknote verification, reduces counterfeit losses due to human error, saves time and labor costs, quick and easy to use, and has a high speed of counting, requiring less than a second per bill. The counterfeit detector utilizes a dual counterfeit detection systems in the forms of magnetic ink testing (MG) and infrared (IR) detections. The Accubanker D450 Counterfeit Detector makes it extremely easy to determine whether a bill is counterfeit or not with the easy to use passed or failed test buttons.

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