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Cassida UNO Counterfeit Bill Detector

Product ID : D-UNO
Manufacturer: Cassida
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No questions, immediate verification
All newer United States bills have identifiable IR markings, which are a pattern of stripes unique to each denomination. Anyone looking at the bill won't see them, but the stripes become immediately visible when viewed under the Uno monitor. These IR markings are one of the most advanced security features in currency today and, to date, have not been counterfeited.

Uno's large monitor shows these stripes immediately and with such clarity that there's no need to second guess. If you see stripes, the bill is legitimate. No stripes? The bill is suspect.

Compact, stylish construction The Uno is designed to work in busy cash handling stations. We engineered it to be compact enough to fit next to the register and make it easy for cashiers to quickly view results. The large, built-in monitor emits high resolution images, leaving no doubt as to whether currency has the required IR security marks. Trust Uno and its powerful IR detection to alert you to suspicious currency.

• From America's number one brand in cash handling, the Cassida Uno is single IR detector you need.

• Uno detects state-of-the art Infrared (IR) security markings on currency that are invisible to the naked eye. IR is considered currency's most advanced counterfeit security feature and has yet to be counterfeited.

• No waiting-UV markings show up the instant they're place under the large 4 inch LCD monitor.

• Know with confidence; simply look for stripes. See them? The bill is legitimate. No stripes? The bill is suspect.

• Works with all United States and Canadian currency.

• Add it to every work station-its small footprint means it can sit right next to a cash register for easy use.

• Tilted screen makes it easy for cashier to see, whether seated or standing.

• Uno can protect your business and your employees from taking suspect or counterfeit bills

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