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Fraud Fighter FF-1000 Bill Money Counter

Product ID : FF1000
Manufacturer: Fraud Fighter
Weight: Free Shipping



1 Year Warranty Included!

The FF-1000 by Fraud Fighter is a highly efficient U.S. dollar bill counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology. The FF-1000 counts the total number of bills, and while doing so, conducts magnetic, infrared and ultraviolet testing on each bill to verify its authenticity. Pre-programmed functions allow the user to set automatic tasks that speed the bill counting process and can also assist in troubleshooting counting, or detection errors.

The FF-1000 Money Counter counts up to 1000 bills per minute. This machine will simultaneously verify metallic, magnetic, ultraviolet, paper width and optical transparency features for maximum protection. The money counter has a built in audio alert system and will sound an alarm and stop counting when a suspicious bill is detected. The advanced detection system also catches double, chained and half-note bills. The FF-1000 Money Counter features automatic starting, clearing, memory and self-diagnosis function.

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